Paracare Launches RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories in Chile

4 Seasons Full Finger RehaDesign Gloves

As of December 1, 2023 Paracare, a company well known in Chile for its high quality disability products, will introduce RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories into the Chilean market becoming the first distributor of RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories in South America.

Paracare’s decision to collaborate with RehaDesign is an exciting development for the mobility aid industry in Chile. RehaDesign has gained international recognition for its high-quality, innovative, and stylish wheelchair accessories. Together, Paracare and RehaDesign are poised to bring a wide range of options to Chilean wheelchair users, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

These accessories are engineered to enhance the overall usability of wheelchairs, making daily tasks more manageable. Some of the innovative products available include:

* RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves: RehaDesign offers a unique line of wheelchair gloves which offer solutions for different types of wheelchair users, including paraplegics, tetraplegics, stoke, etc. RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves provide superior grip, comfort and [performance,

* RehaDesign Pushrim Covers: RehaDesign Rim Covers not only offer improved grip and performance, they come in 7 beautiful colors and make the wheelchair look absolutely amazing particularly when combined with RehaDesign Seksi Spokes Spoke Wraps.

* RehaDesign Tire Covers: Designed to keep the house clean and free from dirt and germs. These covers, “Wheelchair Slippers” for the rear wheels and “Wheelchair Socks” for the front wheels,  go on the wheelchair quickly and easily and protect the floors and carpets from dirt and damage caused by wheelchair tires.

* RehaDesign Stash and Flash Backpack: A light weight and stylish backpack which features reflective designs for night safety.

These functional accessories can significantly enhance the day-to-day activities of wheelchair users, promoting a sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are not just about function; they also add style. With a variety of color options and fashionable designs, users can choose accessories that match their personal taste and create a sense of identity. By allowing wheelchair users to express themselves through their accessories, Paracare and RehaDesign give wheelchair users the opportunity to express their individuality.

Dr Eugene Emmer, founder of RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories said “RehaDesign has partners world including Europe, the UK, Australia, USA and with our newest partnership, we are pleased to begin to offer RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories to wheelchair users all over South American. We look forward to working with Paracare to offer wheelchair users in Chile new options and alternatives. 

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