Children’s Wheelchair Gloves


Pediatric wheelchair gloves that are made from real leather and offer improved grip due to the grip fabric built into the palm. For more information, please scroll down.


Children’s Wheelchair Gloves are made from real leather with a special grip fabric built into the palm to make it easier for kids to push. They come in two sizes: Children’s and Extra Small. Refer to the sizing description below to select your size:


  • Children
    fits palm width 8.5-9cm (grows/adjustable by 1 cm in width)
  • XS
    fits palm width 10.5-11 cm (grows/adjustable by 1 cm in width

They also come in 3 different types: Gator, Strap-N-Roll, and Gel Palm, which all have unique designs.

Additional information


Strap-N-Roll, Gel Palm, Gator Gloves


Children, XS


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