Rear Wheelchair Tire Covers: Wheelchair Slippers


Wheelchair tire covers designed to protect floors and carpets. Combine them with Wheelchair Socks to keep your house and floors clean.


RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers protect your house from dirt, germs and other damage. They are washable and come in three different colors and two different sizes. The smaller size is for 20-22 inch wheels and the larger size is for 24-25 inch wheels. They are made of an artificial suede fabric with a special inner lining to prevent slippage. To view instructions on how to put on our wheelchair slippers, please view our informative YouTube video. For wet and muddy tires, we recommend considering Mud Eaters.

Additional information

Weight 0,19 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 12 cm

Beige, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple

Size (inches)

20-22, 24-25


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