Waterproof Wheelchair Tire Covers: Mud Eaters


Waterproof tire covers for the rear wheels of manual wheelchairs that protect your floors and carpets from wet and muddy wheelchair tires.


Mud Eaters are waterproof wheelchair tire covers designed for rainy and muddy weather. They are very similar to our Wheelchair Slippers, apart from the fact that they are made of a tough and durable water-resistant neoprene, the same fabric used for diver’s suits.  They can also be used in wet areas such as swimming pools or spas. Please note that unlike wheelchair slippers, which can be put on very easily, Mud Eaters require normal upper body strength. Mud Eaters are designed for 24-inch tires and are available in only black. For a more detailed and visual description of Mud Eaters, please view this informative video

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 7 cm


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